Week 5: My Choice

  1. I chose to explore a graphic organizer called bubbl.us.  It is a mind-mapping tool that allows you to organize your ideas and thoughts as they come to you. It would be a great tool to use for independent or group projects. Writers could use this to brainstorm their main idea and supporting details and see their writing project get mapped out right before their eyes. It would also be a great tool to use for vocabulary acquisition (science, social studies). Some of the features include being able to change the size and color of the bubbles, exporting your map to a JPG image, a wonderful UNDO feature, and a really handy ZOOM feature. You can also collapse bubbles by pushing the (-) button. The bubbles sort of disappear so you can focus on another part of the organizer without being overwhelmed with all of the other bubbles you have created. You simply push the (+) button to make the bubbles reappear. This is a really great, free resource that can be utilized in many ways in the classroom.
  2. I learned how to easily create mind-maps that allow the user to organize his thoughts and record ideas. I also learned how to save the mind-maps as a jpeg file and embed the files in PowerPoint.
  3. This will be a great tool for students when they brainstorm for any assignment in class (a writing assignment, steps for a science experiment, vocabulary practice, and steps for solving a math problem).
  4. Very excited. I’ve been keeping a list of ways this could be used at my school. My list is up to 23!! I think this tool is very easy for students to learn. This is a plus.
  5. I don’t want to forget about the undo button, and that you can embed a mind-map into a document or a PowerPoint.
  6. This tool could be used by teachers to plan and map out lessons. Students could use this tool for writing story plotlines, learning vocabulary (write the word, definition, synonym or antonym, use in sentence, part of speech), mapping out duties for a project (writer, time keeper, presenter, etc.), and outlining paragraphs for a paper.
  7. My aha moment was realizing that the technologies we have been studying and learning about can be applied to any subject and any activity in the classroom. There is no limit to the number of applications these technologies can be used with. What I will take away from this course is whatever the subject or subject matter, there is a web 2.0 tool or technology that can be used to enhance the lesson. Students will be more interested in their learning, and it will help them in the future if they are using these tools and gaining experience from using these tools.
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One Response to Week 5: My Choice

  1. Dr. W says:

    I love mind maps! I’m glad you discovered them.

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