Week 4 Shared Media

Here is my embedded video. I like cats (although I don’t really like the two I have now), and this video is funny!!

Here is my embedded photo from Picassa. (I’m not sure if it’s actually embedded. I did the link and url thing, but I’m still not sure.) Anyway…


1. I learned about TeacherTube and what a great resource it can be. Great search feature will lead you to anything you want. I also learned how to embed a YouTube video!! Very excited about that. I always wondered how people did that. Now I know.

2. My future blogs can have embedded images and videos instead of having readers copy and paste the url. This makes the experience more enjoyable for the reader.

3. I feel very excited when I think about all the applications. Very anxious to show the teachers at my school how they can also use these features (in class, staff developments).

4. I don’t want to forget how to embed YouTube videos.

5. As I mentioned above. Teachers can use this for in class presentations and for staff development. Students can embed videos or photos into class projects or interactive presentations.

6. Yes, I think these tools should definitely be used. If you embed a video you don’t have to hunt for it during the presentation. You just click the play button. This will save time and make the lesson go much more smoothly.

7. Can you embed a YouTube video in a PowerPoint?

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2 Responses to Week 4 Shared Media

  1. Dr. W says:

    The video was great! About inserting youtube videos into PowerPoint…. you can insert a media file from you computer, but I don’t think you can embed them. YOu can link to a youtube, but you would have to have an internet connection, etc.

  2. Hey Mike,
    Sounds like you had a lot of the same experiences I had this week learning these new embedding techniques. I liked your video and your picture of the kids reading and felt the same about remembering how to embed these options when I need them again this school year. My problem will be getting my teammates to sit still long enough to show them these options. I hope to keep “practicing” this summer so I am not always reading directions as I make technology happen!
    Enjoyed your post.

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