Week 2 Reflection

This is the link to my podcast. Enjoy. You may  need to copy and paste it in your browser. The link icon above is grayed out for some reason.


1. I chose to use Google Reader. I already had a Google account and use it for e-mail and GoogleDocs. It is very easy to use and figure out. It’s also easy to subscribe to different sites. I read the tutorial and it was a snap.

I subscribe to podcasts from The Ticket, a sports radio station in Dallas and to Mike & Mike In the Morning, an ESPN radio show. I really like sports and enjoy the shows. For the RSS reader I chose The Onion. I think the articles are absolutely hilarious. I also follow The Two Man Game, an ESPN blog about basketball.

2. For RSS, I learned how easy it is to have all of this information delivered to you. It’s like the newspaper being delivered to your house. One of the videos we watched equated it to Netflix (delivered to your house) and a Blockbuster store (you have to go out and find it). So much easier this way. I also learned how to subscribe to various feeds (pushing the feed icon or simple copying and pasting the url).

I already knew a little about making mp3 files with Audacity, but finding a site to host it took a little time. Blogger won’t let you upload an audio file. It has to be an image or a video. So, I made a “video” using an image and the mp3 file with Windows Movie Maker. For simple projects, WMM works well.

3. I can think of many uses for these technologies. I plan to subscribe to some education and library blogs. This will give me instant access to information on education (teaching trends, research), others’ opinions on issues that affect the library, and lesson plan ideas. With podcasting, I can create a weekly update on the happenings in the library, a list of new books that are available, and the library schedule. Students and staff will be able to easily get this information.

4. I don’t want to forget how to post the podcast so others can access it. I read a classmates blog and saw that she used Beanpod. She didn’t have to make a video like I did. She only had to upload the mp3. That sounds much easier. I will definitely want to remember that.

5. In the classroom, students can create podcasts for permanent resources that review what they have learned. That way, they can access them and listen to them wherever and whenever they choose. Students can also use podcasts to share information with other schools around the state or country (current weather or pollen counts in our area).

6. I was trying to figure out how to unsubscribe to a feed with Google Reader. I played with it for a while, but it wasn’t apparent how to do that. Also, will podcasting work with other audio formats, such as wav files?

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2 Responses to Week 2 Reflection

  1. Staci Taylor says:

    Hi Mike,
    I selected Google Reader also for similar reasons. I noticed that you commented about not being able to figure out how to unsubscribe to a feed. I found myself needing to do this as well. In the lower left corner of the reader there is a Manage subscriptions link that will take you to the settings and once you are there it allows you to unsubscribe. It is next to the more actions drop down menu.

    I enjoyed listening to your podcast. I thought it would be good to use also as an outgoing message to parents and students, like a reminder the day before the book fair. I was just thinking that it would be pretty cool when creating a podcast about some of the new book titles available in the library to mention or act out an interesting part of the book to draw interest from the students, kind of like a movie trailer.

    Thanks for mentioning the Beanpod site; I had never heard of it before. I checked it out and it looks pretty easy to use. I may want to keep that in mind for the future. I was actually able to upload my podcast to my blog (I am using Edublogs for class this semester) and did not realize that so many classmates were experiencing trouble posting their podcasts.

    • Mike Douthit says:

      Yeah, mine was a little tricky to figure out (the podcast). So the edublog has a feature to podcast? That is outstanding!! Students would be able to create podcasts so easily using only Audacity and edublog. Can’t wait for the school year to start. Well, on second thought…

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